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A girl's life cascades into chaos as everyone around her suffers a gruesome fate while she herself becomes less and less certain of who she is and what kind of a world she lives in.
I&#39;m rate this movie 6/10 and decided to rate Dragon Head (2003) at 1/10<br/><br/>effectiveness scene: 8/10 (sometime boring enough to make my wife yawn out loud, but even the boring yawn scene is counted at the end, next time … but next time, I&#39;d love if it shorter and more brief than it was.)<br/><br/>Mindblowing: opening 12/10, 2nd act 3/10, 3rd act 6.3/10, peak 7.5/10, ending(resolution) 4/10<br/><br/>This movie distinguish from other japan movies lead cast by teenage, which always wasted time with ineffectiveness/meaningless scene. (Such as Dragon Head, Battle Royal even 20th Century Boy, which finally I came to realize that those movie made from comic book is just a step stone for a young actor/actress, these industry not meant to make it great.) Like everyone said the film opening was fantastic, amaze, wonderful, … (sorry I can&#39;t tell how it&#39;s great in words) But prepare your mind not to set high hope at the end… but yet, every scene counted, even boring sequence after the opening.
This movie is hard to explain and also hard to watch. You could make a strong case for it being very incoherent, but you could also argue the opposite. And it&#39;s not that one or the other would be right overall. What you can say about this, is that it completely messes with your head (avoiding other words here,to keep it family friendly).<br/><br/>But the completely over the top and also very violent content will either appeal or appall you as a viewer. The very weird story, that I couldn&#39;t really explain even if I tried to, has the same thing going for or against it, depending on your point of view. If you want and can wrap your head around things happening (you can&#39;t just watch it and do other stuff, the movie needs your overall, full and undivided attention), then you will be entertained - if you are into that sort of strange storytelling that is

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