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Danganronpa 3: The End Of Hope's Peak Academy - Future Arc Movie In Hindi Free Download > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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The world was closed to being destroyed by the ultimate despair.So they make the future foundation to help the other survivor.When Makoto Naegi was called to came to the future foundation for investigating because he was suspected to help the ultimate despair.Suddenly all of the higher of the future foundation got trapped in their own building.Now they have to get out before one of the member of ultimate despair that sneaked in kill them all.
From all the animes based on the Danganronpa franchise, this is the best one. That doesn&#39;t mean it is good but it is the most watchable. Danganronpa 3 is a mystery and throughout the series, the main characters need to solve it in order to stay alive. <br/><br/>Future-Arc uses characters that were already established in the previous Danganronpa but it also introduces new ones. From the new characters, the majority are boring with very generic personalities. The series is so short that we aren&#39;t able to learn a lot from them so we don&#39;t care if they die or not. Additionally, this series depends a lot of the Despair-arc (another series released along with this one)to explain the backstory of the characters and the context of the story. <br/><br/>Also, during various points of the story, there are plot conveniences and Deux ex machinas that weren&#39;t introduced before but are used as a way to save the protagonists. This is a very bad thing because it ruins all the tension that the series is trying to create. <br/><br/>Considering the positive aspects: seeing the characters trying to solve the mystery is entertaining at some points, but the end could have been more polished because it felt very rushed and didn&#39;t pay off the investment we had on the previous episodes. <br/><br/>Despair-arc also contains many fanservice moments for the fans of the game but it can also be watched by people who liked the first anime and are interested in the premise of this one. The downside is that you probably may have to watch Future-arc also to understand it better.

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